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25 Products Perfect for Mobile Fueling

In many sectors, the process of refueling vehicles and machinery is not as easy as driving up to a service station and having it refilled. Heavy-duty settings, such as those found in the agriculture, mining, and construction sectors, are often located in remote areas. Power here is not always available, and as such, they have to depend on various area stations located across the site.

At this point, various questions may be running through your mind. For example, you may be wondering how a tractor refuels while it's out plowing the field? The answer is simple! They make use of mobile refueling equipment. Various different types of mobile fueling equipment are built specifically to use in remote areas as well as environments where power is not reliable or readily available. With options ranging from battery operated fuel pumps to engine-driven transfer pumps, here we've put together a list of 25 products that are perfect for situations that require mobile refueling equipment.

Battery Operated Fuel Pumps

In these types of diesel fuel transfer pumps, the pump is connected to the vehicle's battery by using clips and cables provided within the kit. With this connection, the pump can draw power from the vehicle and can thereby operate and dispense without fail.

Our range of battery-operated fuel pumps has been designed to refuel vehicles and machinery from drums or small tanks. Ideal for use within the agricultural, mining, and construction industries, our battery-operated mobile refueling kits come in 12v and 24v options. Listed below is a selection of the battery kit options that we have:

Nextec DC Pump : A product of Fill-Rite, the NX25 series DC pumps are the perfect choice for environments that demand high performance. They are 12V & 24V continuous duty fuel transfer pumps that allows the operator to transfer fuel all day without stopping. Intelligent sound tones, lower amp draw, and auto detection between 12V & 24V are some of the features that makes the Nextec one of the most advanced pumps on the market.

Fill-Rite FR2411GL : A 24V DC, 15 GPM heavy-duty, rotary vane fuel transfer pump that is commonly used to dispense gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel. Comes with a 2-inch threaded base for tank mounting and a 807CL mechanical meter.

Fill-Rite FR1211GL : Designed to dispense petrol, diesel, and kerosene, this DC pump can dispense up to 57 LPM fuel. Robust construction with a threaded base for tank mounting. Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Fill-Rite FR4211GL : This industry-standard rotary vane fuel transfer pump can be used to dispense gas, diesel, and biodiesel of up to B20, E15, Kerosene, and Mineral Spirits. Benefits include a heavy-duty case iron construction and a 901L mechanical meter.

Fill-Rite FR4410G : Ideal for all sorts of industrial applications, this industry-based fuel transfer pump can work with gas, diesel, and biodiesel of up to B20, E15, and mineral spirits. Comes with a manual nozzle and a built-in strainer.

Flow Meters

Flow meters are instruments that are used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. These are a critical piece of equipment in many industries and process control situations, such as fuel management, industrial automation, waste management, environmental monitoring, and more. Listed are a few of the flow meters that we currently have in our inventory.

Liquid Controls M-Series Meter : Designed to work flawlessly during the custody transfer of petroleum products, aviation fuels, LPG, and a wide range of industrial liquids. It can operate on both gravity flow and pump pressure and guarantees longer service life and demands lesser recalibrations. Available with mechanical or digital register.

Fill-Rite 807C1 Flow Meter : Recommended for those customers who wish to monitor

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