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Guide to Selecting the Ideal Flow Meter

Flow meters are instruments used to measure the volume or mass of a fluid. Flow meters are referred to by many names such as flow sensor, flow indicator, flow gauge or simply a meter.

Metering technology has improved significantly over the past few years increasing the number of options available for every kind of application. The right flow meter is essential for accurate & reliable data collection while the wrong flow meter can result in costly losses and inaccuracies. It is important to realize that no two flow meters are the same and every application is unique. The ideal meter depends on the application and the precision you require, among other things. Continue reading to understand how you can select the ideal flow meter for your application and system.

Meter Types

There are two basic ways to measure fluids, by volume or by mass, so a flow meter is either a volumetric flow meter or a mass flow meter. Whether a volumetric flow meter or mass flow meter is the best depends on the application, its components and the purpose of measurement.

There are several different types of flow meters on the market. Positive displacement (PD)turbineelectromagnetic and Coriolis, to name a few. Each type of flow meter is best suited for a specific type of application or fluid.

Choosing the right type of meter is critical because the accuracy of measurement depends heavily on this factor. Some flow meters simply will not work for certain applications. For example, electromagnetic flow meters require a conductive fluid to function and therefore will not work with hydrocarbons.

Some flow meters cannot measure slurries, vapors or gases.

Positive Displacement, Electromagnetic and Turbine meters are liquid and gas flow measurement devices that measure in volumetric units, such as liters, imperial gallons, etc. These meters are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including custody transfer, blending, flow control and batch processing. For the lowest uncertainty of measurement, positive displacement meters are generally the most accurate meters. Electromagnetic meters allow for the widest of flow ranges while turbine meters are the ultimate choice for high short-term repeatability.

Coriolis Mass flow meters are liquid and gas flow measurement devices that measure in mass units, such as pounds, kilograms, tons, etc. These meters are expensive but ideal for measuring thick, viscous products or when measurement of the product and/or formula is based on weight. Dosing (i.e., additive injection), filling machines, process control, crude oil production, multi-phase liquid and gas measurement, and highly corrosive applications are ideal for this meter.

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